How it began


My Story

Sometimes in life, you can pinpoint the exact time and place of an event that sets you on a trajectory for adventure. There are a few of those in my life. I was given my first camera as a gift from my grandparents when I was 12 years old. At the time, I was excited for the gift but didn’t come to appreciate it until much later in life.

I married the love of my life, we have two children and busied ourselves with living the American dream, climbing the corporate ladder and enjoying our family life. Then something hit me and it changed my life forever. I began down a path of debilitating depression and anxiety which lasted many years.

To sum up those years in one short paragraph does not do it justice. But I will tell you that photography absolutely helped me out of it. My husband gifted me a camera several years ago for Christmas and that gift changed my life forever. He has a way of doing that!

When you choose to look at life through a different perspective, you see things differently. For me, picking up a camera provided healing. It provided purpose. I was no longer looking inward wondering what was wrong with me. I started looking outward and saw all of the beautiful things God created for me to enjoy. Now, my life goal is to focus on the important things, love God and love others and share the beautiful creation captured through the lens of my camera.

My Hero

I would be remiss not to share with you the person who made a long and lasting impact on my life. My grandmother was so much to me, an encourager, a positive role model, a great example of a wife and a mother. Grandma lived to the young age of ninety-nine. She used to always tell me “you are only as old as you let yourself feel.” When she passed away, I was looking through old photos and found this gem. Someone captured a photo of my Grandma and her camera. Suddenly, the memories flooded back of being gifted my first camera in 1989 by my Grandma and Pap and suddenly I had a connection that will always be there. Until we meet again, I choose to honor my Grandma by taking up the torch for the love of traveling, photographing and sharing memories with my family! Oh, in case you were wondering, the hummingbird represents my Grandma’s influence on my life. She loved hummingbirds and it reminds me to focus on the important things because when I do, everything else will align in the universe.

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What am I doing now?

Currently, I am pursuing my dreams. If I were given an unlimited amount of money and time, I would travel the world and experience all the things with my people. But right now in my current  pursuit, I have been working hard to capture memories for corporate and non-profit events, seniors, families, engagements and more. I still travel with my family and you can always trust that I have a camera strapped to my wrist for that next sunset or sunrise. If you want to check out some of my work, click below to view my portfolio.

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